Ross Media Relations appointed by BetFair



Ross Media Relations has been appointed by Betfair to leverage their consumer media relations activity. Betfair, the company that’s revolutionising the betting market, is the world’s largest betting exchange with 85% of the global market. Its sophisticated technological platform enables it to match 12,000 bets a minute, adding up to a turnover of over £50 million a week. In just over 2 years the company has established itself as the 3rd biggest player in the total UK betting market, overtaking Coral and placing it behind William Hill and Ladbrokes.

Stewart Ross, Managing Director of Ross Media Relations, said:

“The combination of a focussed and superior customer proposition and leading edge technology has made Betfair’s progress in the betting market irresistible. Its revolutionary approach is transforming the marketplace, attracting totally new user groups. We aim to help Betfair convert further large, new tranches of customers to an online betting experience that not only gives odds of more than 20% better than traditional bookies, but is great fun!”


Ross Media Relations launched its new website, designed with clean, simple lines and an emphasis on ease of navigation and accessible information.

Managing Director, Stewart Ross, said, “This new site is yet another channel through which young, fast growth companies can learn more about how valuable a role media relations can play in their business development.”