Ross Media Relations appointed by BetFair

Ross Media Relations has earned its spurs in the white-hot cauldron of the dot com boom/bust phenomenon of the past three years - a scenario now converting into a more measured business environment accompanied by more traditional commercial disciplines and requirements. Across both climates there have been significant success stories.

a student accommodation website that has quickly established itself as the most sophisticated and popular site in the UK
a payment-by-results business consultancy that has made over $1 million profit in its first year.
a business continuity company, the first to address the business continuity issues faced by SMEs
a CRM consultancy with the mission of helping corporations achieve a return on the $11 billion invested in CRM
a facilities management recruitment and employment agency and consultancy in its 20th year who is now breaking new ground

For all of these media relations has been the vital element of the marketing mix.

How do we do it?
Focus, business nous and hard work

No PR frills and bows. We concentrate solely on leveraging the media. Building relationships with key journalists and publications, understanding their agendas and being able to intelligently and objectively discuss business issues with them is paramount to our success.

Business Nous
Our high-level, cross-industry and cross-discipline business experience makes it easier to quickly appreciate client business issues and to translate those to effective media solutions.

Hard Work
'Due Diligence' just happens to be a nicely relevant term for our business practices and procedures and how we implement them.