Ross Media Relations appointed by BetFair

For many early-stage, internet-focussed companies media relations is the most important marketing activity they can conduct, the one that can give them a cost effective, key competitive advantage. No PR razzamatazz, no cripplingly expensive advertising - just pure hard-earned editorial in the key business media: FT, Sunday Times, Wall Street Journal Europe, Reuters, Dow Jones, Bloomberg plus key trade publications.

Why is this so important?

Well, for one, it can keep potential multi-million dollar companies in business by helping secure vital second/third round funding at key early stages of their development
for companies looking to IPO, successful media relations will ensure that investors and analysts alike receive a cogent and consistent story of effective business development that will make them better disposed to an eventual flotation
for companies looking for business expansion or even an attractive exit route it can help attract potential investors or even a buyer
it can attract relevant valuable business partnership opportunities
it can help in the acquisition of new customers and the sourcing of new suppliers
it can even help attract the right personnel for your organisation

And all this on a measurable and cost effective basis!

Well, what are you waiting for?
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